Monday, July 28, 2014

It's Monday . . . What Are You Reading?

Happy Monday! I'm posting again on the weekly meme hosted by Sheila of Book Journey. Hope everyone is plowing merrily through their summer reading lists, since this is--gasp!--the last Monday of July!

I recently spent a week in New York City with my family, while one of my children had the opportunity to participate in a musical theatre workshop at an off-Broadway theatre. While traveling around the city, I started thinking about all the great fiction that is set in Manhattan and other parts of New York. And so last week, I posted a list of my Favorite Novels Set in New York City. Take a look at my list here, and let me know what you think . . . what novels do you consider to be quintessential New York stories?

Last week on the blog, I reviewed these books:

Daisy Goodwin's The Fortune Hunter is a story about a love triangle in 1870s England. It wasn't really my cup of tea, I'm afraid; you can read my review here. Small Blessings by Martha Woodroof is a light and easy book; overly predictable, but rather sweet. My review is here.

Here's what I'm currently reading ...

The New Men, new historical fiction by Jon Enfield. I'll be posting my review on August 13 as part of a TLC Book Tour.

And this is what I am listening to on audio ...

I have been wanting to start Hannah Kent's highly acclaimed Burial Rites for some time now ... I am not sure it was the best choice for an audiobook (do you ever have trouble deciding which books will be good choices for listening? I certainly do!). In any case, I'm really looking forward to delving further into the story.

I'm hoping to post a few reviews and press onward in my summer reading list this week--my house will be a little quieter, with one child off to a sleepaway camp!

What's on your reading agenda for this week?


  1. I've been wanting to read Burial Rites for months! Sometimes when I can't decide whether to read or listen ,the narrator's voice becomes the deciding factor. I listen to the sample at sometimes multiple times.

    1. You know, it's funny--I never listen to the sample! Maybe I should start doing that. It always takes me awhile to settle into a narrator's voice. No matter how good the narrator is, his or her voice always seems odd to me at the start. The narrator for Burial Rites is fine, actually ...the issue is more that I keep thinking I would have loved READING this book. I think it would be a stay-up-all-night kind of book if I'd downloaded it onto my Kindle or had a paper copy... but I only listen to an audiobook a little bit each day. Anyway, the opening chapter of Burial Rites is excellent and I can't wait to hear more!

  2. I do very few audiobooks. I tend to choose ones I've already read. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  3. What I know of New York really only comes from books, and tv/movies I guess. I'm hoping to read Burial Rites soon

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  4. It seems like Burial Rites has been sitting, ignored, on my Nook forever now. I need motivation!

  5. Well, I listened to more of Burial Rites today.... And it really is a gorgeously written book! I'm relishing it so far.

  6. We had our quiet week last week - back to chaos this week! lol

    I have heard great things about Burial Rites - enjoy!


    Book By Book

  7. How fun for your child! That is something I would have loved to do as a kid. :)

    Every time I saw The Fortune Hunter, I thought that it looked interesting but I just didn't pick it up. It seems like that might have been the right choice!

    1. Yes, she had a great experience--I would have loved it as a kid, too!

      The Fortune Hunter has such an intriguing premise (and a delicious-looking cover) ... but it really didn't work for me, unfortunately!